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Handling payments in gaming industry

We help game creators grow revenue around the world. Set up your project fast and start selling to the global gaming audience at the blast.
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  • 1000+
    payment systems
  • Up to 4%
    commission fee
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Items gamers love
From loot crates to epic game gear
Monetize your game offering virtual goods that gamers love. Engage more players by enabling a sale of in-game items for F2P and premium titles.
In-game currencies
Gold, shards, virtual bucks and what not
Sell any currency type syndicated within your game with ready-made check-out form. Exchange virtual currencies for real-life money.
Plan pre-launch activity, nurture userbase beforehand
Implement game pre-order sales to accumulate a solid revenue stream just before the game is released to the market.
Website processing
Your sales are three lines of code away!
You need no SDK or prior knowledge of payments. Grab our customizable checkout form and sell away directly from your server!
Game keys sales
Distribute game keys to establish channel diversity in a revenue breakdown
Maximize player reach by allowing the sale of activation keys for your game title. Get a steadier revenue stream with a check-out form tied to the sale of game keys.
Intuitive onboarding
Integrate easily
Add your project to Pay.Super in the blink of an eye. Submit your info, add products you want to offer, sign off the agreement, go through KYC, and start racking up profits.
Fast withdrawal
Withdraw funds anytime
We automatically generate a royalty report every 7 days. Use it to transfer funds to your bank account or manually request a royalty report any moment to receive the earned funds right away.
No hidden fees
One price for all services
Integrate our payment form easily and pay-as-you-go without bearing costs under the cloak. We charge a flat 4% fee for a successful card transaction.
Tax support
Deal with taxes painlessly
Recordkeeping and submission of tax files can be a tedious task to accomplish. We pay any VAT or sales taxes for your customers. You don’t have to file reports to the tax authorities.
Intelligent analytics
How customers purchase your game
Generate and download analytical reports in your dashboard to see how funds flow to your account. Estimate the efficiency of marketing channels and checkouts conversion to actual sales.
24×7 Support
We ♥, we care
Reach out to our team from the website or contact us directly if you need support regarding Pay.Super.
Top-class security
Enterprise-scale security
Pay.Super is fully PCI DSS compliant (level 3). Our anti-fraud solution is built around top-quality data feeds that are tailored to the game audience.
Conversion-optimized payment form
Adjust UX for the best conversion
We’ve built a checkout form with modern UX principles in mind. Very soon, our analytical system will be able to generate hints on cashflow management based on conversion performance.
Custom UI kit
Customize theme and colors of a check-out form
Decide on the appropriate visual appearance of your checkout form to maintain consistency with a design approach nested in your website. Tweak background and accent colors to establish visual coherency.

All-in-one suite for game creators and publishers


Your indie game project

  • 4% per-transaction commission

  • Fast and effortless money withdrawal

  • Handling VAT payments for you

  • 0% rolling reserves on chargebacks

  • PCI DSS compliance

  • Fraud prevention

  • Comprehensive analytical reports

  • 24 languages and 170+ geographies

Monetize your game project more efficiently with Pay.Super, no matter your geography or language

  • 1000+
    payment systems
  • 170+
  • 24

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