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Getting income from your game is a snap when your customers use PaySuper

PaySuper is a unique, simple payment toolkit designed to make developers self-reliant. It’s an open-source payment service with a highly customizable payment form, an intuitive API, and comprehensible, eye-catching reports.

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Our mission

Our mission is to maximize profits for developers, publishers, and platforms. We’re focused on keeping conversion rates high and costs low – including those related to integration and maintenance.

Blazing fast payouts

If your business is small or just getting started, it’s crucial that you recoup the funds you’ve invested in advertising as quickly as possible. Faster payouts means faster growth.

Simple, clear reports

Our reports are easy to read, yet packed with essential information. You can easily figure out how your payouts and fees are calculated. Our analytics tools will help you make more informed business decisions. And all the data is in real time.

Fair flat rates

Our fee structure is as simple and transparent as it gets. No multi-page descriptions, transaction fees or hidden costs – just a 5% flat rate for most popular payment methods.

We'll handle the taxes

We pay any VAT or sales tax for you. You won’t need to keep records, file reports, or pay taxes in any of your customers’ jurisdictions.


Our payment form can be set up quickly, wherever you want, so you can start pre-orders and deliver game keys, links, printable receipts, or custom messages to your customers. You can adjust the color scheme, specific fields, and screens of your PaySuper payment form to make it right for your brand.

PaySuper CN

PaySuper CN

Open source

All of our code is available on GitHub, so you can follow our development process, enjoy the beauty of our technical solutions, and see how everything actually works. You can even use any element of our code in your own products free of charge and without acknowledging PaySuper.

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