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Begin your journey with a payment solution engineered for game creators and developers. Submit your project details, sign off an agreement, integrate a checkout form, and start selling.
  1. Fill in the
    project form
  2. Sign the
  3. Integrate
    the checkout form
  4. Launch and start

Four simple steps to start offering your game with Pay.Super

  1. Fill in your game project details, add bank account information, choose payment methods, and submit an application.
  2. Sign off and upload License Agreement onto your dashboard.
  3. Choose integration option that matches your project scope and goals, follow our quick-start guide or reach out to the team for personal guidance.
  4. You are all set! Now start offering your game to the community and rack up profits.

Ready to offer your product to the global gaming community?

Set up an account and start filling in your project information, or reach out directly to our team.
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