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Know how customers purchase your game
Fetch analytical reports in your dashboard to see how funds flow to your account. Estimate the efficiency of marketing channels and see how checkouts convert to actual sales—we have already set up Google tags for you. Use the harvested data to tweak your sales strategy efficiently.

Browse an exhaustive list of user actions we track across the checkout form:

userActionclickCloseCrossClose the form by clicking on the cross (for the modal window mode).
generalformClosedThe Checkout Form is closed (for the modal window mode).
generalhasSavedBankCardsThe Checkout Form contains user’s saved cards on start.
generalnoSavedBankCardsThe Checkout Form does not contain user’s saved cards on start.
userActionclickSaveUserCountryClicking the Save button after selecting a country on the country selection screen for a payment.
userActionclickCloseButtonClicking the Close button at the bottom of the Checkout Form.
userActionclickOkButtonClicking the OK button at the bottom of the Checkout Form.
userActionclickPayButtonClicking the Pay button at the bottom of the Checkout Form.
generalsubmitPaymentFormStarting the payment process after a successful card validation.
userActionsetUserCountryThe selected country has been changed (in any way).
userActionclickRememberCardClicking the checkbox Remember.
userActionselectSavedCardA user has selected a saved card.
userActionremoveSavedCardA user has started deleting a saved card.
userActioncancelRemovingSavedCardA user has canceled deleting a saved card.
generalsubmitSavedCardRemoveA request to delete a saved card has been submitted (after the 5-second timeout).
userActionclickSupportLinkClicking the Support link.
userActionclickUserAgreementLinkClicking the User Agreement link.
userActionclickToggleCartClicking the Collapse/Expand a cart toggle (for the mobile view mode).
userActionclickProjectLinkClicking the Project link.
userActionclickTermsOfUseLinkClicking the Terms of use link.
userActionclickPaySuperLinkClicking the PasySuper link.
userActionclickIconSupportLinkClicking the Support icon on the top of the Checkout Form next to the Languages selector.
userActionclickOpenReceiptButtonClicking the Open the receipt page button.
userActionselectPlatformA user has selected a game platform.
userActionuseSavedBankCardsA user has switched to the saved cards.
userActionuseManualBankCardsInputA user has switched to the manual input of a bank card data.
generalshowActionProcessingThe loading screen is being shown.
generalshowActionResultA screen with a successful or failed result is being shown.
generalorderPrimaryInitErrorAn error on the Checkout Form initialization (i.e. a failure to create the order).
generalorderAlreadyProcessedThe Checkout Form has failed to load because the order had already been processed.
userActionsetPaymentMethodA payment method has been selected (a bank card, QIWI etc.).
generalpurchaseFailedThe payment process has failed.
generalcheckPaymentAccountStarted verifying the bank card number.
generalcustomLocaleThe Checkout Form has started with a defined locale (set via a token).
userActionsetLocaleA user has changed a locale.
ecommercebegin_checkoutSubmitting e-commerce data after the Checkout Form start.
ecommercepurchaseSubmitting e-commerce data after a successul purchase.

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